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About Us

Natural Oils International Inc is a reliable supplier of affordable natural oils and raw materials for cosmetics, aromatherapy, and more in the Simi Valley, California, area. Specializing in this niche market, our family business offers the highest-quality oils, including many hard-to-find varieties. Our staff also brings a wealth of knowledge, and even helps you create recipes and pick the right scents and pressings. The unique packaging we use resembles wine in a box. It keeps the oil in optimal condition for storage.

The Quality Oils You Need

We purchase raw materials throughout the world to ensure the highest standards and to have a broad assortment of oils available. Our low overhead and volume buying allows us to pass cost savings on to you, our customer. For sales, we rely on reputable agents in:

Eastern United States | Europe | The United Kingdom | Canada | The Orient | Australia | New Zealand

Consistent Pricing

Few of our products, irrespective of short-term market conditions, change prices more than a few times per year. Rarely do our prices change overnight. Rarely do our customers have to wait to find out what the current price is.

Containers Available:

2-Pound Quart | 1 Gallon | 5 Gallon | 55 Gallon

Company History

Natural Oils International Inc began as Natural Oils Imports in 1971. The Company originally sold avocado oil that had been produced in a plant in South Africa. Natural Oils produced the oil overseas and sold it in limited quantities to the domestic US market. In 1986, Natural Oil Imports was sold to Mr. Brendon Bonnar and it was at this time the company's name changed to Natural Oils International Inc.

During 1971-1986, the company sold a limited range of California-produced oils. As a result of Mr. Bonnar's international contacts and knowledge of the extraction and refining oil processes, many different oils were added to the list of available products. Now with more than 65 different oils on the present product list, our company carries one of the largest ranges of the world's natural oils.

Currently 60% to 70% of the natural oil business is exported. Our largest market areas are Europe and Japan, with sales also being made in Australia, Canada, Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, and the UK.